Play Pan with Adlib

You learned to play pan already, maybe years ago, maybe recently, and want to enjoy yourself again playing in a safe, comfortable environment. Join Adlib as a musician, either as a part of our youth orchestra (elementary school through young adults) or our adult orchestra (any age including senior citizens).

Adlib, located in Freeport, NY, always welcomes new members. If you are young or young at heart, and are looking for a summer activity, come play with our panorama band. The panorama band rehearses nightly in July and August at our panyard (rehearsal space) in preparation for the annual competition on Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn. If you have recently learned to play, this is an excellent opportunity to test your skills. You will be learning a single 10 minute arrangement. The music is played at a fast tempo and can be difficult at times, but you will be learning one piece of music at the same time as all the other musicians, and most new players catch on quickly.

The opportunity to perform on the stage in Brooklyn in front of thousands of cheering audience members is not to be dismissed lightly. For a young person, it can be a great self-confidence builder. If you can learn 10 minutes of not particularly easy music and play it on the stage, you can do well at anything your teachers give you in school.

If you want more, join Adlib’s stageside. The stageside performs year-round at engagements of all types depending on the needs of the customer. Adlib sends stageside members to engagements, from soloists and ensembles of a few through a dozen or more musicians. The entire stageside is comprised of 20 to 30 musicians.

On a stageside engagement, you may perform for a few minutes, or in excess of three hours. Stageside members will, over a period of time, learn a repertoire of 30 or more songs of all genres. During the school year, the stageside usually rehearses on Friday and Saturday evenings for several hours.

If playing for Panorama or the stageside seems a bit much, and you are mature and no longer a youth, consider joining Adlib’s Adult Band. Things are a little more laid back here. The band specializes in Gospel music, although the repertoire also includes other genres. The Adult Band performs a number of times during the year, mostly at area churches. They typically rehearses early every Monday evening.

If you don’t play, but just want to be around a vibrant organization, or particularly if your children play in the band, become a supporter: Transport players, drive the truck to gigs, help out in the panyard setting up racks and preparing for Panorama, or cook food for Adlib events. Or just hang out in the panyard and enjoy the music and the company of a bunch of very talented and capable (mostly) young people. You won’t regret it.

To contact Adlib about joining the band or for any reason click HERE.