Own Your Own Pan, Case or Stand

Would you like to own your own steelpan (steel drum)? You’d like to practice at home, or perhaps play for your friends. Adlib can put you in touch with pan tuners who can provide you with a quality pan at a reasonable price. While we can help you locate any pan in the steelpan family, most individuals want to purchase a Tenor (lead) pan, a Double Second or a Double Tenor. If the pan you already own needs tuning (blending), Adlib can also help you contact tuners who can bring your instrument back to proper tune.

 Adlib can locate suppliers of quality pan cases. If you plan to transport your instrument, even for short local trips, you should use a substantial pan case to protect your pan from damage and help keep it in tune.

If you need a stand for your personal pan, or if your band needs rolling racks for playing on-the-road or in a competition, contact Adlib. Adlib is known for its well made racks which disassemble for storage in the off-season in limited space.

For information on contacting Adlib click HERE. We will be happy to assist you in locating steelpan instruments and accessories.