Become an Adlib Supporter

Perhaps you are from the Caribbean and want to renew your connections with your culture, or expose your children to the culture they are missing. Perhaps you are a musician, especially a percussionist and have heard pan but want to know more about the instrument. Or perhaps you are just curious about steelpans and would like to see up close how they are played. Come by our panyard (rehearsal space) in Freeport, NY, become a supporter, meet the band members, have a seat, listen to the rehearsals, buy some refreshments, buy a band T-shirt (before Panorama time, they sell out quickly!) and enjoy yourself.

If you visit rehearsals, you may be surprised at how the musicians learn the music by rote. There is a lot of talent and skill in most steelbands. Watch out, the “pan jumbie” might bite you and turn you into a full-time supporter! That is not a bad thing, either for you or for the band you are supporting.

To get the full flavor, you may need to have the patience to attend the whole rehearsal or attend several rehearsals. At some rehearsals, the musicians run through part of the repertoire, affording you a front row seat at your own private concert. Other rehearsals may be devoted to learning new music, but you should be fascinated as the arranger gives the music to each section of the band individually, and then suddenly you hear how it all comes together when all the musicians play what they have just learned. Another night or part of a rehearsal, the sections or players may be simultaneously practicing their parts individually. You have to be a pan jumbie to appreciate the cacophony! But, perhaps you are already a pan jumbie or pan person from the Caribbean and are already afflicted. Then you know what to expect.

Many supporters help out the band: Transport players or drive the truck to gigs, help out in the panyard by setting up and decorating pan racks for Panorama, assist with the costumes or cook food for Adlib events.

The Adlib youth orchestra stageside typically rehearses year round Friday and Saturday evenings, inside our panyard, unless the band is booked for an engagement. During July and August, when Adlib is preparing for the Brooklyn Panorama competition, the band usually rehearses seven evenings a week, either inside the panyard or in the parking lot outside the building. The Panorama side, grows to nearly 100 members as the summer progresses. Almost all rehearsals are open to anyone who wants to visit.

The Adult Band usually rehearses early Monday evenings in the panyard. It often takes a break during the summer.

Adlib’s classes, which you are also welcome to visit, are usually held Saturday and Sunday in the late afternoon.

Adlib’s panyard is in the rear of 431 North Main Street, Freeport, NY (behind the Casablanca Laundromat, enter from Mt. Joy Avenue). For directions or to contact Adlib for any reason, click HERE.

Adlib also appreciates it when supporters attend its public events; for upcoming events, click HERE.